Our Dream

To produce, to produce on the basis of technology, to grow by sharing and integrating and to create added value ...

Coordination center for entrepreneurship and investment... (Innovation Coordination to Investment)

Established in 2016, ICI Technology is an organization that has been established to offer services for the persons and corporations with the knowledge, experience and infrastructure of long years and completed its investments for the purpose of achieving the above-mentioned target.

With a work area of 2.750 m2 and utilities located on an area of 10.000 m2 in the central campus of the Industrial Zone, it is organized in an integrated structure through efficient communication with the coordination center and work areas within the university and Technopark as well as the infrastructures and the academic and student platforms within the university and close coordination with the companies in Technopark.

It is the first and only private entrepreneurship and investment coordination center in the Organized Industrial Zone, which is unique in the region and the country and maybe abroad to this extent.

First of all, it aims at leading the resources and needs of the industrial zone in which it is located, as well as all kinds of investment and investment projects with the infrastructure and experience it owns and the components of the ecosystem around it to a conclusion in the fastest and most reliable way.

The main purpose is to create power, to focus on the target by sharing and integrating, and to realize the system that transforms into productive, result-oriented, economic value and benefit in the fastest way.

We put forward our capabilities and experiences with our structure that focuses on understanding, learning and solution, and share our ideas and suggestions with the ecosystem and aim at creating a success-oriented solution platform by bringing together different specializations.

It develops its structuring as an organization that supports an advanced technology development ecosystem with an entrepreneurial focus on competition at global level.

We become ecosystem and platform that develops, changes and gets stronger day by day with the following principles as in the imagination of everyone:

  • Trust based,
  • Focused on results and success,
  • Taking sharing and integration as the baseline,
  • The excitement and assurance of becoming a team together,
  • Producing economic value with added value,
  • Aiming it creating growth and economy through production,
  • Working not of words but of deeds,
  • Investing in tomorrow, but not today,
  • Capability to integrate with every sector of economy and industry.